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May 1, 2007 – 3:00pm Installing Shared Symfony Library on Remote Host with SSH

checkout symfony from svn into ~/symfony at the root of your home directory (not into public_html or httpdocs):

svn checkout ./symfony

create your new project directory

mkdir ~/mymyNewSite

create the database on the new host
Set up subdomain for new project in cPanel
set up the symfony environment settings in the following two files:
databases.yml, properties.ini
upload the symfony project into the new project directory

./symfony sync staging go

remove the default subdomain directory from public_html and create a new symbolic link to the symfony project directory

cd ~/public_html
myNewSite myNewSite.bkp
ln -s /home/stereodv/
myNewSite/web myNewSite

populate the database with the data. look in data/sql/ for lib.model.schema.sql or generated-schema.sql

mysql -u myNewSite_dbuser -p myNewSite_dbname < data/sql/lib.model.schema.sql

remember to add any migrations found in data/migrate

make sure you copy the contents of config/config.php to the server; often this file is excluded from rsync

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