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May 22, 2007 – 11:20am How to set up an SSH tunnel to a remote MySQL server

If you have SSH access to your hosting account and want to use a GUI to view your MySQL databases on that remote server, you can set up an SSH tunnel and use a program like CocoaMySQL to manage your remote database. When it works, it can be really userful and is a nice break from a web-based solution like phpMyAdmin.

First, make sure you can login to your host through SSH. After you are certain it works, you can open up a tunnel like this:

ssh -L 3307:[ip address of host]:3306 [username]@[ip address of host] [-p ssh portnumber]

This opens up a tunnel from your local port 3307 to port 3306 on the remote host. Here is the example again with dummy data, using a non-standard ssh port 8022:

ssh -L 3307: user@ -p8022

Once that connection is set up, fire up your MySQL GUI and connect to your local IP address ( and specify the new port you set up in your tunnel (3307). Here is how it looks in CocoaMySQL.

CocoaMySQL Connection

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