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June 13, 2007 – 2:15pm svn export and zip

Sometimes it’s necessary to make a copy of a project stored in an SVN repository. If you just copy the directory manually, you will also be copying those sneaky .svn files that exist in every directory in the project. Instead you should use the svn export command. This will make a new copy of all of the files in the respository than you can zip up and send off to whomever you please.

svn export file:///path/to/your/repository my_export

If you want to zip this baby up:

zip -r my_export

If you wanted to get really creative, and tag this export as a release, you could something like this:

svn copy file:///path/to/repos/trunk file:///path/to/repos/tags/1.0release -m "tagging version 1.0 release"
svn export file:///path/to/repos/tags/1.0release 1.0release
# for a zip:
zip -r 1.0release/
# for a tgz
tar -czvf 1.0release.tgz*


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4 Responses to svn export and zip

  1. Thanks for this post, Im using to automate the release of ccTiddly ……

    Thanks again.


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  3. WOW thank you so much I feel like an idiot but now my application can run independently.


  4. Jo says:

    Once you migrate to the new SVN 1.7
    There are no more .svn files “everywhere” 🙂

    Nevertheless it is still necessary to use “svn export” first, since otherwise your zip might contain all your unversioned files and uncommitted changes.

    I stumbled upon this page while googling “svn export zip”: I had hoped this would be standard feature of some SVN client already, since it is such a common operation 🙂