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June 22, 2007 – 2:18pm OS X Tip of the Day: Drag applications to the finder toolbar

If you want easy access to your commonly used applications, here is a tip that will save you some time. Drag an application icon up to your finder tool bar to create little shortcut icons in every window. You can click these icons to open the application, or better yet, drag files onto them to open those files with that application.

I use this feature with TextMate to open up new projects on the fly, and with Preview to get a quick look at documents that otherwise would open up in Photoshop of Fireworks.

finder toolbar shortcut

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One Response to OS X Tip of the Day: Drag applications to the finder toolbar

  1. smeves says:

    One important thing I forgot to mention: if you click and drag the *icon* of the current folder from the window title (in the screen shot it is the icon of the hard drive next to where it says “Macintosh HD”), you can drag the currently opened folder to these application icons as well.