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February 17, 2009 – 9:14am Symfony Cross Application Links

This blog post by Fabien Potencier describes how to use symfony 1.2 to create link between your applications within a symfony project. This has been difficult in the past because applications within a symfony project shared only model classes and basic project configuration, but routing was handled by unique application-based configuration.

In symfony 1.2, there is a new sfRoutingConfigHandler class that can be used to evaluate specific routing configuration (even if that configuration lives within another application), and you can pass that configuration class into a new sfPatternRouting::setRoutes() method which will then allow you to generate your routes. Read the full details on the symfony project blog:

Blog | Cross Application Links | symfony | Web PHP Framework.

This is a great feature and it represents how making a framework more modular can bring many benefits and increase flexibility.

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