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May 5, 2009 – 10:49am Install/Upgrade Subversion on Mac OS X

This is a great tutorial on SVN and it also includes a Intel disk image of SVN 1.6.1 which makes installing a breeze.

Subversion With Mac OS X Tutorial.

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One Response to Install/Upgrade Subversion on Mac OS X

  1. Andrew Noyes says:

    This is probably the best Subversion tutorial I’ve ever seen. I wish I had found something like this when I was learning Subversion. I think the learning curve, at least for me, with subversion, was the lack of comprehensible documentation. Previous SCM experience aside, I picked up Git in about 20 minutes, so there’s a vast difference between the two. The book, Version Control with Subversion, only really made any sense once I had already grokked Subversion, which largely came after I caved and bought Cornerstone to use as training wheels. Once you get it, Subversion isn’t very difficult at all. It just has the appearance of being very technical and difficult and geeky.