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February 21, 2010 – 6:15pm Web host mishaps: Account cancellation

Them (paraphrasing):

Your shared hosting account will be automatically renewed on March 1st.



I am actually going to transfer this account to our dedicated server and thus will not need to renew this package.

Shall I put in a support ticket to start the transfer?



To cancel anything on your account at anytime please use our cancellation form here:

[link removed]

You will also find this link at the bottom of every invoice email.

Me, in comments on form they provided:

Customer Comments:
I’d like to have this account transferred to our dedicated server, and thus no longer need the separate Small Business package. Thanks


This email is to confirm that we have processed your cancellation form as requested.


Just to confirm — you got the note about transferring the account, correct?


(no response)

Not a good sign!! I check a few of the domains hosted on the account. They are all not responding. Cut to two days later and finally things are back to normal. They recovered my data and databases, but could not restore my database usernames or domain configuration, so I had to go in and manually add MySQL users and our add-on / parked domains.

Good hosts are hard to find. We are actually sticking with these guys because we’ve been with them for more than 5 years and we have a good relationship with many of their support people, and a few times they have really gone above and beyond what we would expect from them. Support times have been getting worse over the past few years though, perhaps because our issues are getting more complex. So, we’ll have to wait it out and see how things progress.

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3 Responses to Web host mishaps: Account cancellation

  1. Scott, I agree, good hosts are really hard to find. Of all the hosting companies I’ve dealt with, the only one that had really great customer service is RackSpace. I’d use RackSpace for all of my projects, except that they are crazy expensive. A basic server from them is close to $500 a month. Meanwhile, you can rent a dedicated server from Hostway for $100 a month. Hostway’s customer service is much more slack than Rackspace. Hostway’s data center in Austin, Texas has only one tech guy in it during the weekends – and the one time we ever got hacked was of course on a Friday night, and we had to wait till Monday to get an adequate response from Hostway. Still, they are so cheap, we stick with them. In one form or another, I’ve had an account with Hostway for 10 years now.

    Can you say which hosting company you are talking about?

  2. Scott Meves says:

    Sorry it took so long for your comment to show up! It got flagged as spam (too many dollar signs? I never quite understood how askimet worked…). I’ve been with A2Hosting for about 5 years and generally really like them, but I think they may be going through some growing pains. We’ve been a customer of theirs since the beginning, and typically we get pretty good service, but this was just so shocking! Fortunately it was a pretty small shared hosting account with only a few low-traffic sites… but that really hurt my confidence level! Everyone makes mistakes, I guess…

  3. I hear what you are saying. The first time a hosting company really screws up, it is always sort of a shock.