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March 26, 2010 – 1:11pm Process for Submitting your iPad App to the App Store

March 27th is the deadline to submit your new iPad application if you want it to be in the app store the for iPad launch date, April 3rd.

I took some notes during TUAW’s Dev Clinic discussion on the process to compile your app and upload it to iTunes:

  • Application Target
    • Make sure you are using the “release” configuration, and not “debug”
    • Base SDK: iPhone Device 3.2 (or 3.1.2 or 3.1.3 for Universal)
    • Architecture: armv7 (you’ll have to select “other” and type this in)
    • … for a universal app select “armv6 armv7”
    • Code signing identity: Distribution
    • Targeted device family: iPad (unless you are doing Universal)
    • Deployment target: “iPhone OS 3.2” for iPad-only, “iPhone OS 3.1.x for Universal”
    • Icons: use a 72×72 icon (not 48px as some have said), you may or may not want to include a 57×57 icon
  • Signing and Uploading
    • Set your configuration to “Release” in the Target Info window and in the Project window
    • Compile for the device, not the simulator
    • trash your previous builds (the entire build folder, even!)
    • double-check your code-signing identity, update your distro provision if necessary
    • after you compile, locate the binary using Products < [app] < Locate in Finder
    • zip up the app and submit it to apple

Other helpful resources:

  • Re-signing applications
  • If you want to triple-check everything, you can use this hint to try out your distribution build on your device:

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