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June 1, 2011 – 12:57pm The Hit List for Mac Safari Extension

My favorite task management apps for mac, The Hit List by The Potion Factory, finally came out of beta yesterday after a very long wait. One of the new features, besides the biggest enhancement (iOS synchronization) is that you can install a safari extension (via a link in the release notes) which will allow you to create tasks using URLs. The docs for this extension are buried within the compressed archive for the extension, so here is how it works.

If you just want to jump to the fun stuff, install the hit list 1.0 on your mac, install the safari extension, and then try clicking this link to add a todo to you task inbox. Here is what the link looks like:

<a href="thehitlist:///inbox/tasks?method=POST&title=Do something crazy&notes=Testing The Hit List safari extension&">Click here to add a task</a>

The basic idea is to use thehitlist:////tasks?method=POST and then add various parameters to the URL with the title, description, or priority for the task.

Here are the full docs for the URL scheme.

The Hit List Safari Extension Readme

The Hit List handles URLs with 'thehitlist' scheme in the following manner:
Look up by UID
Show the task or group with the UID in The Hit List application.
Look up by Group Name
Show group with name 'group2', that is a subgroup of 'group1'.
Task Creation
Add new task to group with name 'group'.
	You can only add to lists and the Today group.
- method
	This has to be 'POST' for task creation.
- title
	Title of the new task
- notes
	Notes to include in the task
- url
	The URL to include in the task notes
- startDate, dueDate
	Dates can be specified using the shorthand value that The Hit List application understands. For
	example, "6/4", "June 4, 2010", "4" (4th of the next month), "wed", "4d" (in four days),
	"today", "t" (today), and so on and so on. If you add a task to the Today group, the start date
	gets automatically set to today.
- estimatedTime
	Example values are 30m, 0.5h 1d, and so on.
- priority
	Priority can range from 0 to 9 where 0 is no priority
- index
	An index value of n will insert to that index in the group or task. Index of -1 is a special
	case where it will add to the end of the list, the default is 0.
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5 Responses to The Hit List for Mac Safari Extension

  1. Daniel says:

    Can you give examples of what this feature might be useful for?

  2. Scott Meves says:

    Hi Daniel, this might useful if you had an online task management app (like remember the milk, or basecamp) with an API you could plugin into. You could create a webservice that would show you a list of todos from that online service, and include a link for each to “add to The Hit List” which would automatically add that task to your desktop app.

    You could also write a safari plugin / extension that would sit on top of these sites and inject links into the page for you to import tasks. I’m thinking about doing this for Basecamp so each todo item has a link to add it to The Hit List.

  3. Bert says:

    This is great, and I love THL. However, with Chrome gaining ground, has there been any talks to port this extension over?

  4. If you do it for Basecamp, I’d be very interested in the result and the howto!

  5. lenardgabor says:

    I’ve created a simple web app where you can enter tasks on any device (iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android, etc.), and then import them with a single click into THL on your Mac: using the URL scheme described above.

    It’s useful now that the iPhone version is still not released but I will use it even after the iPhone release since I am currently limited to a Windows box in the office, and the physical keyboard lets me type much faster, and copy & paste also works.