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Symfony Experts
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February 21, 2010 – 4:54pm Symfony Resource Reference Guide

Symfony has a ton of documentation available online. The only problem is, with so many different versions (1.0 – 1.4) in the wild, it can be hard to locate exactly the right resource when you need it. Below is a simple and straightforward list of the most useful documentation:


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February 21, 2010 – 3:37pm Symfony Experts

Two good friends of mine just launched a new site dedicated to providing professional help to symfony developers.

Symfony Experts.

The site is very well designed and will prove to be a valuable resource for developers of all skill levels — experts can make some extra money sharing their expertise, and beginners (or experts encountering a new problem) can get quick and succinct answers to their questions.

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February 18, 2010 – 3:01am Symfony Reloaded – 2.0 Preview Release

Symfony 2.0 (yes, with a capital “s”) has a preview release now available online at Symfony Reloaded – 2.0 Preview Release. More…

February 12, 2010 – 6:11pm WordPress get post images and the_post_thumbnail caption

Before the_post_thumbnail was available, here is how I would fetch an array of images that were attached to a post in wordpress:

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December 31, 2009 – 5:44pm “Could not create database for c…o use near” error with Doctrine / Symfony

I was trying to use the symfony command line tools to rebuild my test database and I couldn’t get past this error: More…

October 17, 2009 – 6:20pm 6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use

You can never have too many good icons…

6 Icon Packs You Will Actually Use.

October 9, 2009 – 5:29pm Symfony 1.3 Published Book…. Already?

Symfony 1.3 Book Cover

I just received a review copy of a new book published by Packt Publishing called “Symfony 1.3 Web Application Development“, available online. The book is written by Tim Bowler and Wojciech Bancer over at the UK based Agile Labs. It’s amazing that a book has been published for this new version of symfony even before the 1.3.0ALPHA1 was released.

The book covers all of the basics, including the forms framework and the admin generator. The code examples use Propel rather than Doctrine. I’m looking forward to seeing how in depth they go into the forms framework; to me it seems to be the most confusing aspect about symfony overall.

October 4, 2009 – 1:19am Symfony, Doctrine Upload File “validation failed”

After setting up a simple file upload using the symfony 1.2 forms class and a doctrine model, I hit this error right away:

500 | Internal Server Error | Doctrine_Validator_Exception
 1 field had validation error:
 * 1 validator failed on file (type)

The short solution: when using a doctrine form class and $form->save(), set the path option in your sfValidatorFile validator and do not attempt to save/set the file column yourself. If you are curious why this is, continue reading. More…

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September 28, 2009 – 1:41pm New Site Launched: Michigan Law Review

Over the weekend we launched a new website for the Michigan Law Review. This site uses a custom publishing platform we built using Symfony. We are also using cufon to generate titles using a custom font. I think it turned out great. More…

September 25, 2009 – 10:59am The Duct Tape Programmer – Joel on Software

Good point.

Zawinski didn’t do many unit tests. They “sound great in principle. Given a leisurely development pace, that’s certainly the way to go. But when you’re looking at, ‘We’ve got to go from zero to done in six weeks,’ well, I can’t do that unless I cut something out. And what I’m going to cut out is the stuff that’s not absolutely critical. And unit tests are not critical. If there’s no unit test the customer isn’t going to complain about that.”

via The Duct Tape Programmer – Joel on Software.

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