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IAd Development

Apple has unveiled a mobile advertising platform that allows you to embed your ad in mobile applications in new and exciting ways ways. We will work with you to create your ad, all the way from concept to design, programming, and finally to publishing the final product on the ad network.

About Us

The website is the first of its kind...easy to navigate and even has the locations of the events mapped out for the patrons traveling from different cities.



We specializes in custom internet application development and complete brand communication systems. We establish identities both in print and online, create affordable and highly interactive web applications, and provide strategy and consulting to online startups.


We utilize leading-edge application technologies and opt for best-of-breed solutions for both on-going support and the facilitation of furthering advancements in web and server technologies. We are capable of providing any application development, e-commerce, and database work that your site may require.


As a web development company we work with a number of new startups. Not only that, but we also have started a few of our own. These experiences, along with a love for beautiful design and cutting edge technology put us in a unique position to help your business


  • Design a logo
  • Create a website
  • Strategize your startup
  • Build traffic
  • Brand your business
  • Develop your killer web app
  • Send an email campaign
  • Send an email campaign

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